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To Order From Scale Labels Etc Dot Com

There are several ways to order from Scale Labels Etc Dot Com, an e-division of Doug Care Equipment, Inc..
  • For items that have the "Add To Cart" button you can take advantage of our secure on-line shopping cart and order from the convenience of your home any time of day. See below for more information about our secure system.
  • Some items don't have the "add-to-cart" button. For those items (or for any of our items if you just don't want to use the on-line system!) you can call us at 559-539-3076. Don't be surprised if we answer the phone as "Doug Care Equipment!"
  • E-mail us at
  • Label minimum orders and lead times.

    Secure On-line Shopping

        We are committed to providing you a safe and secure method to transmit your valuable personal data and credit card information. Our shopping cart uses the latest data encryption technology to ensure that your credit card information is safe when using our online ordering system. It utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) which is built into major browsers such as Netscape and Internet Explorer. Working with your browser, the Veri-sign® Digital Certificate guarantees that the secure server you are giving your credit card number to is who we say they are! SSL is the only way your credit card number is transmitted. It will not be sent by unsecured e-mail.
        You can tell when secure mode is activated by the gold lock or key on your browser's taskbar which indicates that you are on the secure area of our shopping cart. When you see this lock icon, you will know that your data is being completely safeguarded.

    Using Our Shopping Cart

        When you find the label you would like to order, enter the number of cases you want in the text box to the left of the "Add To Cart" button located below the selected label. This will automatically add the item to your shopping cart and take you to the shopping cart screen. While you are there, you can easily make changes to your cart, such as deleting items or changing the desired quantity. Once any changes are made, click the edit or remove button again to register the changes then click the "Complete Order" button to process the order. If you want to select another item, press the "Continue Shopping" button to go back to our home page or your "back" button on your browser to go back to the last page you where on.

    Checking Your Shopping Cart

        You may check the contents of your cart at any time by clicking on the "View Contents Of Shopping Cart" link at the top of the menu bar on the left, just below the "online catalog" link. You may then see what you what you have selected for purchase and you will also have the opportunity to change or delete items as needed.

    Checking Out

        When you are done shopping, just click on the "Check Out" button at the bottom of the shopping cart screen and all of your purchases will be finalized. You will also receive an email receipt of your order. Please note that shipping charges are only approximate. Our scale label cart utilizes UPS shipping by ground and several different air options. Some quantities may ship by truck. If you need a case or two of your order expedited by air just let us know how many cases and which UPS service you want by air in the remarks section of the order form. The correct freight will be calculated by us before your credit card is processed. We will calculate the correct shipping charge before processing your order.

        If you have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email. We can be reached by phone at 559-539-3076. Or email us at

    California Residents Unless you provide us with a current resale certificate, we must charge California sales tax on all orders shipped within the state. If you qualify for resale purchases download our California Resale Certificate, fill it out completely and fax back to 559-539-3077. Our shopping cart figures the tax at 9.00% but we will actually charge the correct county rate for the following counties: Los Angeles, Orange, Kern, Fresno and Tulare. The rest of the state will be charged the state rate ONLY (currently 7.50%) . This means that a shipment to L.A. county is charged 9.00%, Orange county 8.00%, Fresno county 8.225%, Sacramento 8.00% and so on.
    Shipping Charges See "Checking Out" above.

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